Text 4 Jul 4 notes Transforming Cars: Dark of the Moon

Just watched the Transformers III movie last weekend. And all I can say is… EXPENSIVE*. The movie is a history itself. It was HUGE, not to mention LOOOONNGGG. I watched it on 3D and my eyes were like hurting with the 3D glasses ‘cause i had them for too long.

Let’s see… Exposition’s okay. Introduction of characters is well-defined. Linking history (first landing on the moon) to some unidentified and classified issue is a bombshell. Although, I would appreciate it more if Megan Fox** played the role.

Rising action was outstanding, as well as the conflict. It has a respectful twist, which was not new to me due to thrown spoilers (from my noisy friends). Cinematic effects are scandalous, which made my ass rose from the seat. Aside from Inception, it was one of the movies that, I dunno if the climax is too long or I can’t tell where the heck climax is***.

Overall, the movie was worth the price. A must-watch. I bloody like it.

So we have Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen, Dark of the Moon, what’s next? Can’t wait.


**Hello, haters. This is a very subjective matter.

***Not a movie critic. Just a movie goer who wants to critic. x)

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